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Wiltshire Addiction Support Project

Helping people help themselves, so everyone has the choice to be free from active addiction.

Peer Support Groups

Our Peer Support Groups provide a safe place for people who have substance misuse issues to get help, support and advice from each other.

Carers Support

Every care staff at Addiction Support is trained and certified in the field. They make sure to offer the best services and provide the best care to the patients.

Auricular Acupuncture

Acupuncture service is provided as a complimentary therapy that may support your recovery from addiction.

Health Trainers
Saved Lives
Rehab Programs
Wiltshire Addiction Support Project

Wiltshire Addiction Support Project (formerly Wiltshire Users Forum) has been providing service user led services in Wiltshire since 2002. During this time WASP’s activity has had a positive impact on many hundreds of people whose lives have been affected by addiction.

Our Mission

Challenge ineffective treatment through advocacy and feedback on all aspects of the services. Support people to become productive members of society through support groups and training.

About Us

Our remit is to challenge ineffective treatment in the UK, and to give support and sign posting to other service users, in to a long term and continuing addiction recovery.



W.A.S.P offers training with skills in Drug and Alcohol work helping reps to gain valuable skills and experience of working within the Drug and Alcohol field. Training and work interest can be discussed with the development worker.

If you are looking to enter the Drug and alcohol system WASP will be able to either refer you , or put you in touch with the right treatment provider. We can also help with information that will give you the opportunity to make an informed and educated choice as to which direction you would like to go. We have a good working relationship with all the providers across Wiltshire, and some that are based outside the wilts area. Including the criminal justice system. We offer long and short term support.

We have come together to support each other and anyone else who wants a life that is free from active addiction.

Award Winning Help and Advice

Our dedicated and our talented had made Addiction support a reliable brand which has fetched us a lot of recognition and awards.

Latest News & Events

Is Coffee a Drug?

Is Coffee a Drug?

Coffee tastes great and is a great pick-me-up, but what a lot of people don’t think about is how powerful the stimulant effect can be. It’s important to remember that coffee is not just something that you consume to stay hydrated. Some people might warn that coffee is a drug, and they’re right. It’s a strong stimulant and one that you should use sparingly.

Coffee and The Effects of Caffeine

Coffee contains caffeine, and it is caffeine that has the psychoactive effect. If you use it sparingly it promotes wakefulness and perks you up, helping you to concentrate. It can even enhance the mood of someone who is slightly depressed (but it is not a replacement for proper treatment for depression), and it helps to stimulate the release of dopamine.

Used to excess, though, it can cause anxiety, exhaustion, and insomnia, and if it is taken in massive quantities it can cause an irregular heartbeat and palpitation. Some people manage to use caffeine successfully to regulate their circadian rhythm, by drinking a cup in the morning. If you drink it later in the day, though, it can make it hard for you to sleep at night. You should try not to use coffee too much to combat fatigue. Don’t rely on coffee alone, because it can leave you with adrenal exhaustion if you do that for too long.

The adrenal glands are there to regulate your body’s stress response, and when they become exhausted they can make it hard to respond to stress because they do not produce the hormones that you need in the right amounts. Essentially, they burn out. You can end up with anxiety, depression, hypertension, headaches, and other unwanted symptoms.

It is easy to unconsciously consume too much caffeine. What a lot of people don’t realize is that coffee isn’t the only thing that has caffeine in it. Cola, tea, chocolate, energy drinks, pre-workouts, and other supplements may all contain caffeine. So, even if you start trying to limit your caffeine intake by drinking less coffee you might find that you are still taking in far more than you thought you were.

Weaning Yourself Off Coffee

If you feel like you are drinking too much coffee, then you should try to reduce your intake over a period of time, if you have an online coffee bean subscription from somewhere like Tank Coffee, then it’s time to review that subscription. Going cold-turkey is likely to leave you feeling pretty bad at first, so it’s often better to reduce your coffee intake very slowly, in steps a week at a time, swapping out the odd coffee here and there for teas that contain less, or no, caffeine. If you find that you are really struggling with your mood, then try supplementing some Tyrosine, because this can help to support dopamine in the brain.

Treat coffee as a drug, rather than as a beverage, and you will respect it more. Don’t drink it mindlessly. Use it when you are struggling to be productive, and you will find that it works better and that you focus far better. You should also find that you get much higher quality sleep, and this will help you to concentrate during the day without even needing to drink coffee.

Remember, also, that coffee is a diuretic. While people build up a tolerance to it quite quickly and will reach a stage where they are able to cope with the diuretic effect, if you are not a regular coffee drinker then the diuretic effect could actually leave you feeling dehydrated when you drink coffee. If you’re drinking it with the intent of quenching your thirst then this is less than ideal. Tea could be a better alternative.

6 Tips on How to Get Rid of Alcohol Addiction

6 Tips on How to Get Rid of Alcohol Addiction

There are several reasons why people want to stop taking alcohol or to get rid of alcohol addiction. However, getting rid of alcohol addiction is not easy. Also, alcohol addiction can lead to severe consequences that include liver disease, high blood pressure, and many others. If you are searching for ways on how to get rid of alcohol addiction, here are six simple ways that can help.

 6 Tips on How to Get Rid of Alcohol Addiction

1. Have a plan

To overcome alcohol addiction, it is essential to have a plan. This will help you know what you want to avoid and what you need to start doing. Keep in mind that the process of alcohol addiction need time and sacrificing a lot.

2. Keep yourself busy

One way to keep yourself away from alcohol is keeping yourself busy. Look for activities that can keep the mind active. This is because an idea mind can make someone think of unusual activities such as taking alcohol. Some of the activities to keep yourself busy include drawing, painting, photography, exercising, swimming, and joining a club. However, you need to be disciplined so that you can avoid thinking about alcohol. Avoid negative thoughts, friends, and things that can lead to drinking of alcohol.


3. Eating a balanced diet

Eating well helps to keep the body and the mind healthy. And since most alcohol addicts do not eat balanced diet meals, it is important to start eating well if you want to get rid of alcohol addiction. Keep in mind that excessive drinking of alcohol reduces your body capacity from absorbing minerals, nutrients, and other essential elements from the food. Hence, start eating foods that are rich in vitamins, high in amino acids, and avoid sugar, nicotine, caffeine, and foods that can increase the urge of drinking alcohol.

4. Exercise

Although exercise can be painful and difficult for an individual suffering from alcohol addiction, it is beneficial. Apart from helping you to be busy, activities help to strengthen your will, keep you healthy, and ensure you engage with the right people. When you exercise, you work on your body and mind as well. Exercising also makes you strong and helps you to be attached to healthy things. Some of the exercises you can try include swimming, walking, jogging, biking, running, or joining a gym class.

5. Drink a lot of water


If you want to get rid of your alcohol addiction, you need to start drinking a lot of water. While drinking alcohol, water can help to dilute alcohol concentration in the body. Also, it helps to keep the body active, strong and healthy. Drinking a lot of water also helps to reduce toxins in the body.

6. Change your lifestyle

To overcome the addiction, you need to change your lifestyle. Start by changing friends and the places you hang out. Then start exercise often and eating well. Keep in mind that with a change in lifestyle, you will benefit your mind and body. For instance, when you start exercising, the circulation of the blood increases in your body. Therefore, you must eat well and drink a lot of water than before.

Will it be you who takes home the trophy and gold medals this year?

Will it be you who takes home the trophy and gold medals this year?

he event is aimed at breaking barriers by providing a time when we can all interact as equals on the football pitch. The tournament is for service users, treatment providers, criminal justice clients and staff, supporting services to treatment & harm reduction groups.

After very successful tournaments from 2009/11 with many service user groups and agencies coming together to play a knock out tournament, we know to expect a day packed full of fun and enthusiasm.

W.A.S.P. is a user led organisation. This is a service user initiative to encourage and build relationships throughout the whole system.

W.A.S.P. & Doorway

Its free to enter so put together a team and join us on the day.  Saturday 26th May at Stanley Park Sports Ground, Stanley Lane, Chippenham SN15 3RR. 10am start Spectators Welcome

In conjunction with the Hep C Trust WASP will be doing a ‘Walk around Wiltshire’

In conjunction with the Hep C Trust WASP will be doing a ‘Walk around Wiltshire’

This event will be taking place throughout July/August 2012 for the awareness of Hepatitis C and the causes of Liver damage. The walk will coincide with world hepatitis awareness day on July 28th. Moses from WASP will be taking a fridge on a 200 mile ‘Walk around Wiltshire’. All those within WASP will be joining Moses at various stages of the walk. Friends, family and any interested parties willing to participate, will be very welcome. All support and donations will be gratefully received.

To apply for a for a sponsor form please contact or tel: 01225 775558

Moses, the WASP team & the Hep C Trust will be at Salisbury Market Place 28th July for World Hepatitis Awareness Day with media coverage of the event.

Moses is carrying a fridge to raise awareness that many homeless people do not have a fixed abode/or fridge and therefore find it’s very difficult to receive the treatment for Hep C.

We hope that you will support this event by joining us along any of the public legs, sponsoring Moses or any participants, joining us in Salisbury or giving us a donation. We welcome all organizations and individuals willing to take part in some way.


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