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Following a recent contract review it was decided to separate the WASP Volunteer Led Peer Support from the Infrastructure Development and Support work.  Wiltshire Council have generously supported WASP for over 10 years, however in a climate of declining funds they have had to make some difficult decisions and it is with regret that as from 31st October 2016 the Support and Development contract held by DEVLEOP will cease. The WASP Steering Group will be liaising with Wiltshire Council over the coming months to plan the next steps for the Volunteer Led Peer Support Groups currently provided in Salisbury, Trowbridge, Chippenham and Calne.  For further details please contact Jane Windle -Hartshorn on

If you need to talk to someone about a Drug or Alcohol issue you can see your GP or Contact Wiltshire Substance Misuse Service directly on;

0345 603 6993  or email

If you are looking for peer support around an Alcohol Problem. Alcoholics Anonymous hold meetings across Wiltshire to find your nearest meeting go to:

or call: 0800 9177 650

Narcotics anonymous provide peer support for people with drug problems;

or call 03009991212

If you would like to meet with a Health Trainer they can be contacted below:

For support if you are the Carer of someone with a substance misuse issue:

For peer support contact Alanon;

or call; 020 7403 0888

Or contact Carers Support Wiltshire at;

or call; 0800 181 4118

or Action on Addiction for Families at

or call: 01747 832 015